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Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is all about making incremental improvements to your website that increase the percentage of visitors that convert into customers.

What Is A Conversion?

Conversions will look different for each business. Basically, a conversion occurs when a user completes a goal on your website. Your website's goals are determined by your business goals. For an e-commerce business, a conversion occurs when a user buys a product. For a service-based business, a conversion could be a phone call or form submission.

Macro vs Micro Conversions

Macro-conversions are site goals that represent the primary objective of your website. Typical macro-conversions include purchasing a product, filling out a form, or subscribing to a service. Micro-conversions are secondary site goals like newsletter signups, adding a product to the cart, or creating a new account.

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How To Calculate Conversion Rate

Your website's conversion rate can be found by dividing goal completions by the total amount of website traffic in a given period.
[ Goal Completions / Total Visitors = Conversion Rate ]

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Tips For Improving Your Conversion Rate

To start converting more traffic into paying customers, your primary focus should be website usability. Is your navigation intuitive with clear calls-to-action? Does your website render well on desktop and mobile devices? You should also be monitoring analytics on a regular basis, and continuously refining your website based on the data you're seeing. Studying how users move through your site will shed light on areas of friction that may be preventing them from completing your goals.

Conversion Rate Optimization Is...
  • A structured and systematic approach to optimization
  • Driven by website data
  • Defined by your unique business
  • Optimizing existing website traffic
Conversion Rate Optimization Is Not...
  • Seach Engine Optimization
  • Based on hunches, trends, or opinions
  • A quick or cookie-cutter process
  • Focused on quantity regardless of quality or engagement

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