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Common Questions

Why the name PrimeCut Co.?

We set out to form a team of the best optimizers and creative strategist in the Houston area. We needed a name that represented "best of the best" and "highest quality". We feel PrimeCut Co. does just that.

We're another agency. Can we outsource our services to PrimeCut Co.?

Sure! Several of our clients are other marketing agencies. We offer white-labeled web and design related services. This means, we do the work and your agency takes the credit.

Have you guys worked with businesses in the _____ industry?

We've all been doing this for a very long time so there's a high chance that we've worked within your industry. In the case that we haven't, we're confident in both our skill-sets and our abilities to learn your industry.

Will Conversion Optimization hurt my SEO?

Google does not penalize companies for running A/B tests, if they are set up properly and the company is using a proper tool. If you create a better experience for your users, and more of them convert, it actually sends a positive signal to Google that you have higher quality content.

Are you guys hiring?

While we're not currently looking for full-time employees, we're always looking to expand our network of quality craftsman. Feel free to reach out if you think you fit the bill.

Do you guys offer consulting services?

Yes. We have many relationships that operate on a strictly consulting basis. We've been in the creative and marketing industries for a while now. We're happy offer our experience and knowledge to help you succeed.