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What Is A Web Design Audit?

A Web Design Audit, commonly referred to as a UX Audit, is an in-depth evaluation of your website's user experience providing valuable insights that can be used to increase your website's overall performance.

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How Can An Audit Help My Business?

// Reveal Technical Issues

Your website can look great, but unseen technical issues can hinder not only the user experience, but also the way Google ranks your website among search results.

// Improve Site Performance

Nobody likes a poor performing website. A recent study by Google's Research Departments shows that a load-time of just 5 seconds can increase the bounce rate up to 90%.

// Hone Your Messaging

Your messaging should match your brand's unique tone and personality. It should also align with your business goals, speak effectively to your audience, and encourage an action.

// Increase Conversions

A solid understanding of how people navigate your website provides you the information needed to meet expectations and increase the rate at which end-users convert into sales.

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How It Works

We'll provide a video screen recording of feedback along with an in-depth report of opportunities for improvement and optimization. The video will show a detailed walkthrough of every major page type where we’ll discuss pain-points and areas of improvement.

With your key metrics in mind, we'll focus on user flow, message clarity, web design, consistency, functionality, overall usability, and much more. The included report will provide both quick wins and long-term strategy suggestions to give your users the best experience possible–ultimately leading to increased conversions, customer retention, and revenue.

An Audit Is Right For You If...

  • You just launched your site, but don't have the budget for a new design.
  • You want to improve your site, but you're not an optimizer.
  • Your current website isn't bringing in the business you thought it would.
  • Customers seem to be having a difficult time using your website.
  • You can't justify a completely new website, but know your site needs help.

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