Web Design Audit

What is a Web Design Audit?

A Web Design Audit, commonly referred to as a UX Audit is an in-depth evaluation of your website or app with the intention of improving the user experience and increasing revenue all while considering your website's unique goals.

This is accomplished by

  • Uncovering opportunities to increase conversions
  • Honing your unique messaging
  • Strengthening your brand’s voice
  • Revealing technical related issues
  • Improving your website’s overall design


We’ll provide a video screen recording of feedback along with an in-depth report of opportunities for improvement and optimization.

The video will show a detailed walkthrough of every major page type where we’ll discuss pain-points and areas of improvement. With your key metrics in mind, we'll focus on user flow, message clarity, web design, consistency, functionality, overall usability, and much more.

The included report will provide both quick wins and long-term strategy suggestions to give your users the best experience possible–ultimately leading to increased conversions, customer retention, and revenue. Where relevant, we’ll include screenshots, wireframes, and links to any additional resources we think may be helpful to you in furthering your development.

All of this will give you the necessary insights needed to adjust your current site at a pace that's right for you. After receiving the reports, if you need help making changes to your website, we can do that via our Conversion Improvement services.


“I want to improve my website, but I'm not a designer.” “My current website isn't bringing in the business I thought it would.” “Customers seem to be having a difficult time using my website.” “I can’t justify a completely new website, but my site needs help.”

A Web Design Audit is perfect for those who can’t justify a new website–perhaps you just launched your site or don’t have the budget for a completely new design; or maybe you’re a Marketing Director and need the professional opinion of experienced designers and optimizers to help convince your CEO that it’s time for a new website.

This service is also great for those who just aren’t satisfied with the amount of business that their current website is providing. It’s common to see businesses spend great amounts of money paying for Search Engine Optimization or Paid Advertising only to see their purchased traffic leave without converting. An audit of your current website may uncover a problem you never considered, leading to more revenue for you.


Web Design Audits are a way to to step back and evaluate what stands to be improved in the overall experience. A thorough audit pinpoints issues with your website and recommends actionable insights that will generate more leads for your business and create happier customers.

Your Web Design Audit will help achieve the following

  • Generate more leads and sales
  • Provide better user engagement
  • Organized website content for message clarity and usability
  • Fewer support calls
  • Happier customers
  • Overall better perception of your business and brand.

Due to the time required for a Web Design Audit, we only perform 4 audits each month. Request your Web Design Audit now.

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