Origin Story

How It All Began

We sat down for an interview with the founders over at PRIMECUT to see how they got started and where they see themselves going.

How did you guys meet?

Josh and I met on orientation day at the Art Institute. We tackled group projects together and eventually started taking on outside web design clients for some extra cash.

I worked with Brandon and Chris for several years at a local marketing agency.

Yeah, we’ve known each other for a while. We hit it off pretty well while working together and became friends outside of work.

Why start a business?

I’ve always known I was gonna start a business. I was just waiting for an opportunity. Conversion Rate Optimization was that opportunity. At the time, our current employer didn’t see the value in it.

Learning about CRO really inspired me to start an optimization company without all the pitfalls of a typical marketing agency. We wanted to build something with real value. At the time, nobody was talking about CRO.

After seeing first-hand how effective we were as department leaders at our old agency, starting our own company was a no-brainer.

How do you guys mesh so well?

We all have very different personalities, but our differences are what make us work so well together. I’m a morning person, and Josh and Chris are night owls. As a company, we never sleep!

Yeah. I’d say I’m more of the investigator type. Focused on the way things work. Brandon is more of a dreamer. Chris falls somewhere in between. He’s super analytical, but also really creative.

Exactly. We also share a lot of the same interests outside of work.

Why the name PRIMECUT?

We set out to form a team of the best optimizers and creatives in the Houston area. We were looking for something that said “best of the best”.

We spent months throwing around ideas, but PRIMECUT really stuck. It sort of makes you wonder what we do, but definitely communicates a sense of quality.

We wanted a name that was memorable and could provide a solid foundation for branding.

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