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The key to great design is great strategy. Jumping straight into web design without considering overall marketing strategy often results in more revisions, more money, and more wasted time. We’re a strategy-based Houston web design company that places big picture intent before design and aesthetic. Our holistic approach creates an informed design process that puts your business goals at the forefront.


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We offer three different web design packages based on your business needs.

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Our Web Design Process

Effective web design strikes a balance between aesthetic and purpose. We follow an informed design process that defines business goals and overall purpose before considering aesthetic. This approach saves you time and money by removing any guesswork from the design process.

Creative Strategy

We start by defining website goals to help set the foundation for an informed web design process. A solid game plan provides insight on specifics like competition, target audience, and messaging. We work closely with our clients to establish a clear plan of action before jumping into site structure and user experience.


Once your website goals are defined, we begin building out your sitemap. This will serve as a table of contents for your website, and should establish a clear hierarchy for search engines to crawl your web pages.


A wireframe expands on your sitemap by providing a blueprint for important web pages. This helps visualize page layout and navigation before aesthetic decisions are made. Due to the subjective nature of design, it's imperative that you spend ample time planning so that you remove as much guesswork from the design process as possible. Every minute you spend planning, saves you at least 10 minutes in execution.

User Interface Design

Most Houston web design companies rush into UI and UX without considering overall goals or site structure, often resulting in more revisions and more wasted time. User interface design (which covers visual elements like fonts, colors, icons, and buttons) should be guided by the information gathered while game planning. We use tools like mood boards and style tiles to collect feedback from our clients before finalizing the UI.


Once the UI is approved, we share a private link to an interactive prototype of the new web design so that our clients can take it for a test drive before launch. This gives us valuable feedback and helps us identify any issues we may have overlooked during the web design process.

UX Guidelines

The finishing touch to our web design process includes a set of comprehensive user experience guidelines for your business. These guidelines establish standards for consistent and effective brand communication across any digital platform.

PrimeCut Web Design Standards

Web design is more than pretty colors and fonts. User interface and user experience design should be a standardized process driven by a deep understanding of user behavior. We follow three core principles during our web design process:


User experience should be intuitive. Effective web design reduces distractions and increases clarity without making users overthink.


Follow platform conventions and establish a clear visual hierarchy so that users can navigate your site without guesswork.


Following WCAG & ADA compliance standards increases usability by providing an inclusive user experience that is accessible to all.

Award-Winning Houston Web Design

We have a proven track record for delivering award-winning user experiences that grow business and increase revenue online. Our web designers are 7X WebAwards winners, 6X American Business Awards winners, and 1X BMA Latern Awards winners.




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BMA Lantern Awards

What is Responsive Web Design and Why Does it Matter?

Responsive web design is any user experience that adapts to multiple screens and devices. Nearly three quarters of the world will be accessing the internet from a mobile device by 2025. To stay competitive, your website should be mobile-friendly and accessible on any device. We take a mobile-first approach to responsive web design and work our way up to larger screen sizes using a responsive grid system to maintain consistency. This keeps things simple and lightweight so that your website loads quickly on any device.

Responsive Web Design Tips

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