Common Questions

Digital marketing can be overwhelming. Especially for small startups. These are some of the most common questions we hear.
Our logo design process typically takes four to six weeks to complete. We provide several logo concepts to choose from. Once a direction is chosen, we polish and present the logo to your team for final approval.
Our web development process takes approximately five to ten weeks to complete. While we strive to accurately estimate project timelines in every proposal, we reserve the right to modify delivery dates in response to unforeseen delays, or changes to project requirements.
Google does not penalize companies for running A/B tests, if they are set up properly and the company is using the proper tools. If you create a better experience for your users, and more users convert, it actually sends a positive signal to Google that you have higher quality content.
Yes! We offer white label web development and logo design services for several marketing agencies in town. We do all the work and your agency gets all the credit!
We do! We have many relationships that operate strictly on a consulting basis. We’ve been in the creative and marketing industries for a while now. We’re happy offer our experience and knowledge to help you succeed.
Schedule a Free Consultation – we’ll help you identify and prioritize realistic growth opportunities for your online business.
No elevator pitch. No strings attached.

Field Notes

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