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CBD Industry Marketing

It's no secret that the CBD industry is growing quickly. With new CBD companies starting everyday, it's important to have a competitive marketing strategy that sets your CBD company apart.

The team at PrimeCut Co. has been working with the CBD industry for several years now and fully understands the complexities of the unique and competitive industry. From payment processors to online marketing restrictions, we’ve successfully navigated through it all.

We've had the fortunate opportunity to help multiple CBD startup companies grow from garage-sized operations to a multi-million dollar companies.

Reach out today to find out how we can help your CBD company.

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CBD industry marketing and creative services

CBD Logos and Branding

Logo creation and branding is an important aspect in all industries, but we’d say even more so within the CBD industry. We’ve lost count of how many brands we’ve seen sporting a marijuana leaf and a green color pallet. In such a competitive and complex industry, we believe it’s important to stand out from the others. We have experience not only in CBD brand creation, but also in the designing of necessary collateral such as packaging, labels for containers (tincture jars, topical tins, etc.), apparel, and other marketing materials.

We’d love the opportunity to craft you a unique CBD brand that you can be proud of.

CBD Packaging and Label Design

CBD Website Design

If your business doesn’t have a website, does it even exist? We’re joking, but as harsh as this sounds, we know that a website is necessary. Your customers expect it, your competitors have them, and your CBD business likely won’t survive without one. You don’t need just any website however, you need an e-commerce website designed to make sales.

You should also know that CBD e-commerce websites attract a slew of complex hurdles such as payment gateway and advertising restrictions. Custom CBD websites often require functionality that consumers have grown to expect like lab report databases and terpene breakdowns. Rest confidently that our team has experienced and overcome all the complexities that the ever evolving CBD industry has to offer.

Custom Interactive Lab Report Database

CBD Marketing and Creative Services

  • CBD Branding
  • CBD Package Design
  • CBD Label Design
  • CBD Web Design
  • CBD Content Creation
  • CBD Product Photography
  • CBD Promo Videos

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