Blazy Susan

400% Increase in E-Commerce Revenue

With over 80% of their traffic coming from mobile devices, Blazy Susan needed a mobile-friendly e-commerce website that would scale with their business. Using the WooCommerce platform, we built them a custom responsive website with a user experience that was fine-tuned for conversions.

Performance Audit

We began our optimization process with a comprehensive performance audit that was designed to maximize page speed and boost overall website performance. Making sure the technical side of things are buttoned-up will give you the best foundation for future e-commerce growth.
performance audit

Search Engine Optimization

Once we knew their website was performing optimally, we began optimizing their search presence to increase website traffic. Action items included keyword targeting, business profile setup, search console setup, linking analysis, and long-term SEO strategy.
Our SEO strategy included aggressive link-building, authority outreach, monthly content generation, and ongoing user experience optimization and keyword research. Our SEO strategy would adapt each month based on the data we would gather.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Increasing traffic was only half the battle. We wanted more website visitors converting into paying customers. We developed a CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) strategy that eliminated bottlenecks on their website, and encouraged more visitors to take action.

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